Oriented Sphere

setting visual relationships between inside and outside

Type: Unspecified

Year: 2012

Status: Schematic Design

Location: Unspecified

Team: Kyungsik Kim

This project has been started questioning how to make various relationships between inside and outside. If there are one outer sphere and one inner sphere which share the same focal point, and then compose window connecting those to spheres, people can look outside standing on one point, which does not offer various visual relationships. However, once start rotating the inner sphere, people inside should move around to look outside, which results in interesting visual relationships between in and out. And if rotation takes place on several different planes, orientation changes dramatically, constituting complex and various visual relationships.

By adding more inner spheres within an outer sphere, more focal points are produced, making more orientations. And the volume of the outer sphere after subtracting the three inner spheres, constitutes 50% of solid space of the initial volume.

Once entered the sphere, there are 3 different parts of systems, which are connected to each other. And each element has function such as window frame, seating, and step depending on the location within a sphere. People can move onto other parts of inner spheres, or seat on one of them, experiencing different orientations of each view system.